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DenmarkxAbused!Reader Tears of a Fragile Dreamer Part 1

WARNING: abusive drunk parent! Read at your own risk! I bid thee fair warning.

You had another horrible day.  God was not on your side.  But your whole life was like this.  Your parents had gotten divorced and your mother was forced to take custody of you.



Your father took a nearby vase and threw it against the wall.  It shattered into a million pieces.  Your parents had been fighting for who knows what reason for who knows how long.

And your father's, who was fed up with your mother's yelling, temper had broken.

There was dead silence for a second.

"I am sick and tired of you blaming me for everything!"

You, who were hiding in the hallway behind the door, gasped in shock, but quickly bit your lip. Your father was usually quiet when your mother was yelling at him, speaking only to defend himself.

"I'm sorry-…" your mom started to say, but she was cut off with a murderous glare.

"That's it. I want a divorce."


"And you're taking custody of that daughter of yours, (Name)".

"Wait! Please… NO! I'M SORRY! DON'T LEAVE ME!-"

"Goodbye (Some mother name), you can't blame anyone but yourself".

"NO! Please don't leave me! I need you! Come back!"

But your father had left and your mother was left sobbing.

You ran back to your room in horror before your mother could find you out of bed.  You couldn't believe your eyes of what just happened.  

This had to be a nightmare.

You collapsed on your bed and pulled the covers over your head.

"Why must this happen? Why must this happen to me?"

You burst into tears, sobbing into your (f/c) pillow as silently as you could.

Days passed and your mother hung out with her friends to cheer herself up, leaving you at home.  However your mother's friends weren't really weren't the best people to hang out with.  They'd take her to bars where she got addicted to drinking.  She came home drunk daily really late.  You tried to take care of her as much as you could.

"(Name) why did he leave meh? WHY?!" her voiced slurred as she sobbed.

"Mom, please calm down. Please go to sleep.  You will feel better in the morning."

But she didn't.


"Please mom, I promise you will never hear from him again or ever meet someone like him."

Your mom burst into tears, sobbing. She ranted on and on as you tried to calm her down. She was going insane from drinking too much and the madness of it. It was very pitiful to see her like this.

"Maybe if you didn't yell at him so much, He wouldn't have left us." You said before you could stop yourself.  Instantly you regretted saying that, you slapped your hand over your mouth. But it was too late.

"What did you say? How dare you!"

"Ah I-I'm sorry. I-I d-didn't mean to-"

"SHUT UP!" She slapped you face. Your cheek stung where she hit you.  "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" she said with a crazed look in her eye. She crazily cackled evilly, delighted to find someone to blame instead of herself.

Misery loves company.

"This is (Name's) fault….not mine…not my fault. (Name's) fault… NOT MY FAULT." She muttered to herself, the insane person she was.

Suddenly she slammed you into the wall. You cried out in shock and pain. She threw whatever she could find at you screaming "This is your fault!" (This is what drinking does to you I believe.) Then she sobbed miserably.

What could you do?  She was your mother.

Your mother sobbed into her hands as she kept on crying "Why?" You tried to soothe her as best as you could, ignoring the painful cuts she gave you.  

Eventually, she passed out and you drifted off to sleep in tears.

*End of Flashback*

She's been like that ever since. She'd beat you to convince herself that it wasn't her fault. But when she wasn't drunk, she would never talk to you, only when she needed to. She never apologized. You hoped your mother would change one day, but you lost hope ages ago.

You never told anyone. You pretended everything was fine. You would hide your cuts and bruises with your (f/c) sweater and your sleeves. Your (e/c) eyes were hidden in your (h/l) (h/c) hair.
At school, you didn't talk much.  No one really recognized you since you always kept your face hidden in the shadows. You had no friends although there was one boy in particular you liked.

It was the tall Danish boy, Matthias Kohler. The thought of him eased your pain and burdens. He had spikey, dirty, short blond hair with beautiful, bright blue eyes that twinkled. You admired his smile and his loud, obnoxious personality. You watched him socialize with his friends (who called themselves the "Nordics") in your own little lunch corner by yourself.


"Who died and made you king?"


You giggled to yourself quietly. You envied his easygoing life.


The bell rang, signaling that school was over. You sighed, packed your things, and walked home.

When you got home, you plopped down your things and rested against wall. You sighed.  

Your mother wasn't home, which was a bad sign. You prayed hoping she wasn't at the bar.  You got up and started doing your homework at your desk.

About 20 minutes later, you heard the door slam. She was home.
"(Name), GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!!" she screeched, her voice slurred as she spoke.

One beer downed,
Go hide now

You gulped knowing she was drunk, but you slowly stood up.

Two orbs of hatred,
Don't look at me.

You carefully walked into the living room, dreading what was to come.

Three footsteps,
She found me

Let the torture begin.


Four sharp lashes,
What is pain?

You felt the glass cut into your skin as you were hit with another beer bottle.

Six shards of glass,
Why am I here?

You braced yourself hit after hit.

Seven minutes of torture
How long has it been?


Eight minutes lying there
What's on the floor?

Sooner or later your mother passed out from exhaustion. A messed-up wreck was she.

You washed your new cuts watching the dark red blood spill into the sink.

Nine drops of blood,
Am I the sacrifice?

You ran into your room and buried your face into your pillow.

Ten years of abuse,
Can I be freed?

You soon cried yourself to sleep. This usually was somewhat of a normal day for you.


You walked aimlessly through the halls, distracted. You were dreaming of a fantasy fairytale life, in a pain free world. You were a beautiful princess living in a castle with clean skin without any traces of scars.  No burdens. No pain. No drunk people. (Hey, an abused person can dream right? Don't judge them.)  You had your own kingdom and parents who were happily married. Best of all, you were with your prince, Matthias. You signed happily in your own happy little dream world, but your thoughts were interrupted when you crashed into a person.


All your books flew out of your hands as you fell backwards on your butt.

"Ahhh! Are you okay?"

It was Matthias himself!

"I'm fine." You said quickly springing up.  You blushed hard hoping he didn't notice.
You tugged on your sleeves, hiding your scars.

He knelt down, helping you pick up your books.

"I-I'm s-sorry about t-that." You stuttered.

"No problem! I'm totally okay! It takes more than just books to bring this guy down!" he replied as he jerked his thumb at himself.

He stacked up the rest of your books and handed them to you.  

"Thanks! I'll be more careful next time."

"Hey, why don't you hang out with me and my friends after school to make it up?"

You gasped in disbelief. After one lucky chance meeting of bumping you into the halls, you were allowed to hang out with him? Still blushing hard, you agreed.

"By the way, I'm Matthias Kohler!

"I'm (Name)."


"Hey guys I met this girl in the halls today!" Matthias said to his friends intending you.

"(Name)! Come meet my friends!" he beckoned you forward, urging you in front.

You had met him outside in front of the school with his four friends. They introduced themselves in order.

(introductions blah blah blah)

"I'm Emil Steilsson" said the Icelandic with silver-white hair and icy cold blue eyes.

"Lukas Bondevik" said the Norwegian with light blonde hair with a mysterious floating
curl, pale skin, and had a cross-shaped hair pin.

"You've met me already!" Matthias laughed.

"Berwald Oxenstierna" said the tall Swedish with shiny blue eyes and golden blond hair.

"And I'm Tino Väinämöinen!" said the Finnish who was shorter with sparkilng brown eyes and a genuine smile.  

"I'm (First and Last Name)" you said politely.

"ALRIGHT! We are going to (favorite place)! LET"S GO!"

*Timeskip brought to you by Mr. Puffin who suddenly appeared out of nowhere*
Hey, hey! Aren't you forgettin' da most important thing! ME! THE ADORABLE PUFFIN! Not a penguin 'cuz they can't freakin' fly in the sky! I'm ocean's pierrot who's too cute to be true! They may call me a small fry and all that, but I'm a protected species, baby!  I can swim in the ocean and when it comes to fishing, I am super frakin' awesome! Even my monotone body and brilliant beak is pimpin'! I'm 100 trillion times more cuter than that dude, ya punK!
(plus I got this from the song "With Love from Iceland")

*end of Puffin's annoying rant*

"Hey who yer calling annoying?"

*back to story*

(typical Nordic conversation I got from the song "Always With You" and stuffy stuff stuff)

"Did you know Emil and Lukas are brothers?" asked Tino.

"Ha! He's blood bros with that really snarky guy!" scoffed the Puffin who is not a penguin.

"Well, they do look a little alike…" you noted.

"When he was little, he made a promise to call me big brother if we were actually brothers." Lukas explained. Then he turned to Emil.

"You still haven't kept your promise about calling me big brother."

""Why are you bringing that up now? You make no sense, I swear. I don't want to say it." Emil grumbled.

"Nothing' wrong with it." piped Berwald.

"It's nice to be called big brother!" Tino remarked.

"Oh come on!" Emil rolled his eyes.

"Aw man, you guys! Y'all still talkin' about that?" Matthias groaned.

"What's special about me? It's my super adorableness! Right?" boasted the Puffin who can't shut up about himself at the time being.

"Call me big brother"

"Don't want to"

"Big Brother"

"Not saying it"

"Big Brother"

"Don't know you"

"Big Sister"

"You're not making sense."

"Dudes! Must we always have this conversation?!"

You giggled to yourself. You were having such a fun time!

----*Timeskip* (Bonding time with the Nordics mostly with Matthias, for who knows how long in terms of days, or weeks, or months and stuff) -----

Time passed by, and you guys became fast friends.

One day just as you were about to go home, Matthias caught your arm.

You gasped in panic, fearing that someone may have noticed your scars.

"Yo (Name)! Let me walk you home!"

You quickly agreed still recovering from the shock and walked by his side as he rambled on and on about stuff.

You stopped on the street in front of your house.

"I'm fine here, Matthias, you can go home."

With that, you waved good bye to him.

"Bye (Name). See ya later!" he waved back, then left.

You happily skipped inside your house,
to find your angry mother waiting for you.

"(Name)! What's the matter with you?!" she screeched.

"Oh h-hello m-m-mother" you stuttered.

You could tell she was drunk again.

"W-what's wrong?" you said approaching her cautiously.

Your mother slapped you, HARD.

"I should slap you upside down! You know what the matter is! Who's HE?

You gulped. "He's my friend who wanted to walk me home" you said in a small voice.

"I don't need this shit!" She took a nearby beer bottle and threw it at your face."Men  are horrible animals. You stay away from him!" she screamed.

"B-but Mom! T-they are m-my f-friends!" you protested.

"THERE'S MORE?! How dare you!" She smacked you harder across the face. "I don't give a shit!  Don't you dare ignore me! I can make your life miserable, you ungrateful piece of shit!"

She flung more things at you.

It hurt so much, but the thought of losing your friends, your only friends, hurt more.

Wincing, from your new scars, you ran to your room and threw yourself on your bed.

You didn't move until morning.

--- *Timeskip*---

Following your mother's wishes you avoid them as best as you could. They would try to talk to you, but you would ignore them, walking away with your (e/c) eyes blinking back tears.

You still remembered the pain.

Eventually they respected your feelings and left you alone except for Matthias.
He would not give up.


Finally he had enough. He confronted you right outside the school, blocking your way home.  He towered over you as tall as he was, looking down at you with his hard blue eyes, worried and unsatisfied.

"(Name), why are you avoiding me?" he asked concerned.

You tried not to look at him, staring at your feet.

"I-I" you stuttered.

You fidget anxiously, unsure of what to say.

Tears threatened to spill from your eyes.

"(Name), Look at me." He forced your chin up and moved your face, forcing you to look at him.

You never had seen him like this before. The tears you held back began to stream down your cheek. His eyes widened in panic.

"AHH! I didn't meant to-  Wha-!"

He was cut off as you threw yourself into his arms and buried your face into his shoulder.
At first he was shocked, but then he wrapped his arms around you, softly patting your back awkwardly in an attempt to comfort you.

"What's bugging ya?" he asked when you finished sobbing.

"M-my mom, she-" you stopped. What could you say about your mom? You couldn't tell him what happened. You felt a lump form in your throat.

"Come on (Name), Tell me. I can't help you if I don't know."

"Well-" You tried to think of a way to tell him. You mentally replayed what happened that night. You remembered the words your mother shouted at you, the misery you felt, and the pain (which hurt more than the other times).
Instinctively, you pulled your sleeves further down.

"M-my mom, she t-told not to hang out w-with you a-anymore..."

Without warning, Matthias grabbed your wrist, flipped them over, and yanked your sleeves up, revealing your scars and cuts.

"Holy Mackerel! What the heck happened? Who did this to you?" he shouted fully of worry and panicked.

You trembled, unable to hold it in anymore. All of the sudden, you felt your emotions running out. You explained your whole life to him, sobbing as you did. He waited patiently for you to finish.

"Whoa... Your mom is freak with a f***ked up life. Even I go to bars, I don't act like that. I never knew you had to go through all that and I'm sorry you did."

You sniffled. You were glad you finally told someone.

"Don't worry! You got me now!" he smiled a winning smile.

"B-but my m-mo-"

But before you could continue, you felt his lips crash into yours.

"Jeg elsker dig (Name)"

You were silent for a few minutes. But then you grabbed his neck, and pulled him down for another kiss.




He grinned and turned his attention back to your scars. He wrapped it up in bandages.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Well, I didn't want to worry you..."

"You're stuck with me now, you have nothing to hide from me" he grinned "Feel free to tell me anything."


After that, you'd think Matthias would never leave your side ever again and that he would never let you go back to your mother.  But Nooo, you insisted on going back home to straighten things out with her.

What were you thinking?


Your mother slapped you like she always did, with all her strength, not holding back.

You had stupidly blurted out everything as stupid and lovesick as you were. And unbelievably, she was drunk AGAIN.

One beer downed
Go hide now

The ring on her finger scraped blood on your cheek. You had no time to brace yourself.
But it was nothing really.

Two orbs of hatred
Don't look at me


Three foot steps
She found me

She grabbed a broom and hit you with it until it broke. She beat you until you were senseless.

Four sharp lashes
What is pain?

Tears streamed down your face. This happened to you all the time, yet why do you still cry?

Five crystal drops
Who am I?

"Why do you ignore me?! After all I've done for you?! I almost died to have you! "she wailed.

Oh she was using that excuse again...

"M-mom..." You tried to soothe her even though you had no strength. You clutched her arm, hoping she would calm down.

But instead she went on a full rage on you, pushing you away with a sudden violent thrust.

"DON'T TOUCH ME! You're just like him. You're just like your father."

She glared daggers at you.

Those words hit you like a punch in the guts.
This cannot be good.


She picked up your backpack and threw it at your face.


"M-mom, please. Wait-! I'm sorry-"

You were silenced when you were hit by a hard blow of glass. It didn't cut you due to the bandages, but it still hurt.

Six shards of glass
Why am I here?

Like it mattered...

Your very angry mother got impatient and dragged you by your hair out the door.

Seven minutes of torture
How long has it been?

She threw you out on the streets out in the cold.


As frightened as you were, you obeyed your mother and ran.


You ran as fast as you as your legs could carry you, but you barely had strength. You were frightened, tired and alone.
You began to hear a sound that raced along with you.

"Oh! Oh! What is that sound? Oh! Oh!"

You tried to run away, but you could not escape it. You were horribly frightened.

With no strength and willpower to move on, you fell flat on your face in cold snow.

You could not get up, so you tried to crawl. But it was no use.

Why bother?

You just laid there helpless as you were listening to the terrible thumping noise.

Shocked when you realized that you were making the sound yourself,
the sound of your own heartbeat.

Eight minutes lying there
What's on the floor?

Why must I suffer?

With the numbing cold and the pain of everything, you felt like dying. You couldn't go on.

Nine drops of blood
Am I the sacrifice?

Put me out of my misery.

"I'm sorry, Matthias." you whispered softly.

Ten years of abuse
Can I be freed?

You closed your eyes, taking one short breath as the numbing cold and pain enveloped you.

*Cliff hanger*
Hey guys! don't worry! You're not dead yet.

Anyways this is my first fanfic about Denmark x Reader. It's kinda a bit depressing and a bit fluffy.

I didn't really have time, so i kinda rushed through it. sorry if there are mistakes.

Plus I'd like to thank :iconteresactse: for inspiration and the poem!
The poem is not really accurate in the story but its still a good poem of abuse!

So anyways i made reader a bit of a wuss and a crybaby. Well she does have an abusive mother... She's a bit loyal, shy and a bit of a dreamer and stuff

You know Denmark and the other Nordics. I didn't really know what denmark was really like so i based his personality off of the Nordic 5 song "Always With You! and other sources"

I tried to make reader's mother as bitchy as possible,but i sucked at that. She can't blame herself, she always has to put the blame on someone else. As Denmark had said "a freak with a f*** up life and she's super desperate. I just realized every time she shows up, she's always drunk *shrugs*

Nordics belong to Hetalia who belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to yourself

Part 1: you are here
Part 2: [link]
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