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America x Dying!Reader *Heat-Haze Days* Songfic

A Trapped Hero


The traffic light blinked red as Alfred helplessly held a bloody body in his arms, not caring if blood stained his clothes.

People crowded over the boy, observing the scene, whispering, and whipping out their cellphones. A broken bracelet laid there, useless on the ground. A hooded figure whispered something to him.

"This is all REAL. You can't escape."

~~~*Backwards Timeskip *~~~

August 15th at 12:30 noon, I don't see a cloud above
The sun is shining down, what a pretty day

Alfred sat on the swings in the park, carelessly swinging around. He check the time and date on his phone. "12:28 August 15", it read, almost 12:30 noon.

So sick of this summer heat, I can't beat away the haze
the rays are giving way
And spending all of my time having conversations sitting next to you

The sun was shining and it was a bright day. Alfred looked up at the sky, and shielded his eyes from the sun. It was too hot out here.

"Dang, when will this summer end?"

You sat on the other swing next to him, beaming.

"Hey but I...don't really like the summertime"
And as you were petting that cat you said such a daring thing
right from under your breath

"I also want summer to end quickly. I hate the heat." you laughed, agreeing as you held a small brown tabby cat in your arms. It had even a cute little curl on its head even though its eyes remained closed most of the time. You had named him Itabby. You let Itabby play as you talked with Alfred, flashing him a smile.

Ah, and as that cat had ran away
You tried to chase it in the end
Jumping right out in front of a
traffic light that poured a shade of red, bright red

The smell of pasta wafted into the air and Itabby leaped from your arms and ran off into the street. "Itabby, come back!" you called after him, running into the street.

The car traffic light flashed green and the crossing light shone bright red.

"(Name), Stop!" Alfred cried out, reaching his hand out to you. You looked straight out in front of you, realizing shortly.

Barely given time, you were smashed into a truck.

Crashing in and breaking you to bits
That truck heard a scream a little bit too late
Blood dripping everywhere and choking your smell of hair
I breathe in a gulp of air and just can't take it

Your blood splattered, covering the truck and the traffic light, the things that caused your death.

Your bracelet was flung off and shattered from the sudden force, your limp hand remained motionless.

"(NAME!)" Alfred's eyes widened in shock, a bit of your blood on his face and it splattered all over his pants.  He choked on smell of your blood, covering his face with his once outstretched hands, only revealing his horrified eyes.

It all happened too fast. You laid there lifeless in a pool of your own blood.

Are these lies? The heat is mocking me
"What you see is exactly what you're gonna get!"
And with the blue of sky I hear singing crickets cry and
fall right back into another dark sleep

Pain-filled tears slipped from Alfred's eyes. "No... This can't be happening..."

He could have prevented this! If only the cat didn't run away... If only he stopped her from running into the street like a hero would. Instead, he stood there like an idiot. If only he had a second chance.

A person watching behind him, blazing in the heat, smirked at him. "What you see is exactly what you're gonna get!" he taunted.

Alfred turned to see... Himself? Same clothes, same cowlick, same glasses only something else was different.

It was like looking in the mirror, except the boy was bright, resembling the summer heat.  But it seems that he was the darker version of him, radiating death. He looked down at Alfred in a dark expression, different from Alfred's shocked expression.

It was Pity.

"How would you like another chance?"

Eyes widened in shock and faded to black.

The last thing Alfred saw was the blood-stained crosslight flash green behind the bright blue sky, and the boy giving a little wave of goodbye. Then everything was swallowed by night as the crickets began to sing.

That's was when it all started.

~~~*Some sort of backwards Timeskip Oooooooo*~~~

Time ticked away as thousands of clocks filled the walls of the dark room. Spinning and spinning, ticking away the hours of a life.

All except one.

Alfred's clone smashed the clock with his hand, smearing leftover blood all over it. His dull eyes ablaze, showing no soul being the hazy heat.

That life was dead.

Alfred's eyes snapped open. He felt that he was on mattress from his bed. Blinking, he realized that he was in his room.

Sitting up in my bed I could hear ticking clocks, the shock
will mock my ever ringing head
I look to see the time

He looked up at the clock which was making an annoying ticking sound.

"What time is it now?"

August 14th at 12 something noon I don't see a cloud above
The sun is shining down
And yet I hear a cry of a cricket singing loudly in my head

He sat up in his bed, snatching up his phone which laid beside his pillow. It was August 14th, 12:04 p.m.

"Whoa, what the heck?" Alfred murmured in confusion. "Was it all a nightmare?" He looked  out the window. The sun was shining and and sky was bright blue. It was rather hot day.

"Must be..." Alfred confirmed. He hurried and got dressed and ran to the park to find you sitting on the same swings.

Hey but I...I really have to wonder why
Because in the dream I had last night we sat in the
same old park we are sitting at now

"Hi, Alfred." you greeted him with a smile.

Alfred looked weary and obviously upset. He wasn't his usual loud cheerful self.  Alfred had remember the day from his dream over again.  He knew what would come next.

You noticed this but didn't bother to say much about it and continued with your talk.

"Hey but I...don't really like the summertime," you said while holding Itabby in your arms.

Itabby leaped from your arms once more and ran into the street. At that moment, Alfred did nothing but remember what had happened before. You were about to chase after Itabby, but Alfred grabbed your hand, preventing you from running into the street. You stared back at him in confusion as a giant pasta truck whizzed by.

"Hey, I think the two of us should leave."

Alfred looked down grimly, still holding your hand.

"I think home would be a safer place. I'm suppose to be the hero. I can protect you there."


Once it was clear to cross the street, he began to quickly lead you away from the park with you following behind him. Safely, you and Alfred made it to the sidewalk.

But stepping slightly off the path, their heads turned up towards sky
and were gaping, pointing, struggling to keep away a scream

Alfred noticed that people were looking at something with horrified expressions, mouths agape, all pointing towards an unfinished building roof. A crane was having trouble holding its steal bars. The string broke and the bar fell. You walked past Alfred, not noticing anything.

Stabbing holes and splitting you in two,
the beam made it seem as it fell straight from the sky
Ringing an old wind chime and shaking a passerby then filling the air
until they hit those park trees

The whistling of a beam was like a loud wind chime, except it echoed with a scream. The bars fell straight through your body as it clattered to the floor bringing you down with it. You cried out in pain, blood spilling free. Blood splattered onto Alfred's cheek as he tried to comprehend what just happened.

Witnesses screamed and panic ran through the air. Itabby sat in the corner, watching. His amber eyes was revealed, watching the situation.

Are these lies? The heat is mocking me
"Bet you wish you were asleep, but it's not a dream!"
Vision it blurred away and keeping my thoughts at bay, I swear you stood there while keeping such a dark smile

"No... no...NOOOOO! (NAME)!!!" Alfred screeched, his hand outstretched, shredding his last hope to save you.

A presence stood past him, smiling. "Bet you wish you were asleep, but it's not a dream!"

Alfred's expression changed from shock to horror. The heat only smiled and pushed him away, down to the ground. Alfred could see you there trying to get up from the pool of blood, as he fell. Your matted hair covered your eyes, but it didn't cover your dark, bloody smile that was permanently burned  into Alfred's mind.

He screamed your name, reaching for you as he fell down into darkness.

~~~*Long Timeskip brought to you by the HERO!.*~~~

"Ah, a dream?" Alfred put a hand on his head, immediately bolting up from his bed. Throwing on a jacket, he ran to the park as fast as he could, panting as he made his ways to the swings.

"Good morning!" you smiled to him.

"Hurry!" Alfred shouted, grabbing your arm, racing back to his house. Gasping from the sudden jolt, you ran with him. You and Alfred made it to the house and ran up the stairs.

"It pointless." the heat replied, bluntly. Alfred looked over to see the heat with his hands in his pockets, watching intently.

Alfred looked down at you with a pained expression. You gasped slightly as you tripped over the stairs and let go of Alfred's hand, plummeting down the stairs. Your raised hand stretched out helplessly.

Alfred screamed at the sight of your bloody body again.

The cycle keep repeating and repeating. You kept on dying. The sight of your dead broken body was too much for Alfred to bear. He saw the light leave your soulless eyes, right in front of him. No matter what he did to protect you, you would die no matter what. It was like the summer was trying to kill you.

"Is the time of the unfortunate incident only being dark to me?" Alfred whispered, his body shaking in horror. You always would be at the swings, smiling. Then your kind eyes, and sweet laugh had all disappeared again and again.

"I wonder if this period of time keep repeating and repeating itself?" you innocently asked.

The agony continued. No, this had to stop. He couldn't suffer anymore. He couldn't let you suffer anymore. He couldn't take it anymore.

"It doesn't matter anymore. Because, I don't want to wait to see your body turn out to be like that!!" he screamed. He blocked the sound of the pained screams with his hands as tears slid down his face yet again.

Endlessly I see that over heated haze
And again the laughing will repeat on through the days
You've been dying for the past ten years
We are trapped in cycles and the end is never clear

Alfred was tired and annoyed, going crazy. He stared at his reflection at the glass clock. His eyes had bags underneath them from crying. He felt as he was trapped inside a clock, spinning around and around until the time of death. He felt like dying.

Dozens and dozens of clocks were smeared, all with blood. One each chance he got to save you and every time failing. You had died in almost every way possible to die for 10 years, yet it was always August 14 or August 15. Always, he would hear the heat laughing at him, in pity.

Alfred blankly stared back at the work of art, the heat had made. All clocks had stopped moving.

All except one.

But a story is a story all the same
And today like any has an ending so to say
Far away and out beyond that scorching summer day

His hand pressed against the last working clock. "One more chance..." He muttered "As the hero, I can not allow her to die like this."

There had to be a way to stop this. He would end this.

He looked up to see the scene replay again. He saw himself chase after you, as you ran into the street.

Alfred took action as a enchanting flashback of you and himself in the winter snow flashed into his mind. He would protect your sweet smile.

Crashing in and hitting me instead you
I pushed you aside to nearly dodge a truck
Blood dripping everywhere and choking my smell of hair
You breathe in a gulp of air and just can't take it

Alfred ran to the street, barely having enough time to shove you out of the truck's way. Alfred smiled, hair matted in front of his face as the trucked slammed into his body.

Pain exploded throughout his body and blood splattered everywhere. You fell back at the curb, confused. You tried to process what was happening in front of your eyes. As Alfred fell, the cross light flashed out the shade of green.

Your hands twitched in horror raising to your mouth, to block the smell. "No... ALFRED!!!" you screamed, tears formed in your eyes. Alfred had saved you.

Are these lies? I haven't heard him say
"What you see is exactly what your gonna get"
Maybe this summer day has finally gone away
But that's all I'll say so this is where it ends now

The heat stared at him in surprise.

Falling, Alfred whispered something aloud as images flashed into the heat's mind.

Alfred's body sliced through a beam, a bloody smile on his face.

Your bright smile.

Him watched you like Alfred did, smiling tenderly.

Him clamping his ears from under his hood as the sight of blood. Tears spilling.

Him standing there staring blankly.

"Oh, Alfred, you're the same as always... Dammit, Alfred, you could have ended it."

Alfred's clone shocked expression let a few tears escape and slide down his face, crying slightly as you screamed. You clamped your hands over your mouth, crying.

Out of the corner of his eye, Alfred could vaguely see another figure standing beside you. A bracelet was on it's wrist and it's hand clenched into a fist. The figure looked up at him. Alfred saw that the figure looked exactly like you.

It looked at him with a dark expression, different from your horrified gasp.

It's was Pity.

Alfred's eyes widened in horror, falling to the ground, as the red world became black.

"I really hate the summer heat."


Previously shattered clocks littered the dark room, some barely hanging on the wall.

All except one.

Your clone appeared, caressing the surface of the clock.

"Oops, missed one." she murmured, flashing a dark, dull look.

Her fist connected with the clock and it shattered to pieces.

August 14th and sitting alone on a bed, a girl awakes repeating just the same
Muttering again
"Guess I failed again.." as she sat all alone
and held a cat still cradled in her arms

You sat alone on your bed, tears leaking from your eyes, as you held Itabby in your arms.

"Guess I failed again.." you murmured sadly, stroking Itabby's fur. You clone appeared beside you, smirking slightly.

"How would you like another chance?"
Kagerou Days is a song about a boy and girl trapped in a repeating cycle of two day, Augest 14, and Augest 15. They are trying to escape by saving the other who keeps on dying.

Pretty depressing stuff :iconemoenglandplz: I love this song, and I've been wanting to do a songfic of this for a long time. I wanted this to be my first songfic.

I submitted this on Augest 15th, 12:28, the time everything started. So right those two would be trapped in that cycle right now. Wow reminds me of Amnesia. I started writing this story on August 12th and I rushed through it. I think you can tell. :iconruncryplz: Plus I really hate writing dialogue. It's too hard.

My original plan was to submit this on the 14th, but I didn't finish. Author is a dumb procrastinator which is bad, since I'm going to start high school next week. :iconsweatdropplz: I actually like the summer, because of no work ;-;

Btw I followed exactly how the song went, or I at least tried too. You can check it out. this entry for this contest:…


Disclaimer! advertisement I'm going to dump on you...
The original song can be found here:…
The lyrics can be found here and belongs to the awesome JubyPhonic:…
Check out this awesome 50 people chorus I used the dialouge for, but it's 1000% more dramatic:…
My sempai :iconangiecake66: version:… (sounds like len :iconlenplz:)

APH (Axis Powers Hetalia) America belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to yourself
Summer belongs to YOU! Derp no.

I chose Alfred because of the hero theme. He kept trying to save you, but failed. It's also kind of ironic since Alfred hates summer in this story but in my other story, he is the summertime. :icontrollmorphplz: Read it here:…

X( Why the hell are my descriptions always so long?
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I feel like it was a teensy bit jerky--you had a good plot but the verses of the song kept interrupting the writing, and the timeskips with the mini-descriptions were a little distracting too. I like how you included the cat and wrote him as Itabby to fit him into your story.

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